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Viorica Marincus

Butter Cloudz "Baking" with Two Granddaughters

September 8, 2020

My granddaughters, Audri and Alea, love to make their own homemade slime. They enjoy mixing the glue, shaving cream, magic liquid, and charms such as fruit accessories to add interest, color, and variety to their creations. More recently, they have been using Butter Cloudz slime. It's fluffy, scented, and it comes ready-made. No glue needed. It is like real dough and they have been super creative with it, making it into various shapes such as rainbows, masks, or other household items. "Baking" breads, donuts, cakes, candy twists, heart candy, has been their latest endeavor. I think they have done a great job!

Touching this slime offers a wonderful sensory experience. It is buttery and smooth to the touch, feeling like squishy, soft clouds. It is easy to spread and perfect for making it into desired "baked goods." Even an adult will have a hard time not poking it at least once. :-)

"Heart" by Alea
"Baguette and Banana Candy Noodles" by Audri
"Strawberry Donut Cake" by Alea
"Smile" by Alea