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Sarmale (Cabbage Rolls for a Crowd)

Easy cabbage rolls are perfect crowd pleasers. Make this recipe for your next party or freeze some for later.

Main Dishes
12 people
4 hours 30 min


Step 1. PREPARING THE CABBAGE. In a very large pot boil water that has been salted well (the salty water makes the cabbage softer, easier to work with). Cut out the core from the cabbage. Add cabbage to pot and boil until cabbage leaves fall off easily. Remove leaves and and set on plate. Cut out all stems and size the leaf according to the size of cabbage you would like to make. For larger cabbage rolls you will need a bigger leaf to roll the meat in. For small cabbage rolls, the leaf can be half of a regular cabbage leaf. Set all cabbage aside once fully prepped.

Step 2. PREPARING THE MEAT. Place ground meats in two large bowls and mix. Saute chopped onion in saucepan on medium heat allowing the onions to sweat or release moisture which will allow them to saute without burning. Add paprika and continue mixing a few minutes on medium heat until paprika gives off a smoky smell. Remove from heat and add to meat mixture. Add the rice (or cornmeal), salt and pepper. Mix well. Your meat mixture is now ready to be rolled in the cabbage you prepped.

Step 2. ROLLING THE CABBAGE ROLLS. Place cabbage leaf in one hand and place meat in it. Roll cabbage around meat the long side of leaf and tuck ends so meat will not escape while boiling. Repeat process for all meat.

Step 3. COOKING OR STORING THE CABBAGE ROLLS. To cook a pot of cabbage rolls, place half a jar of sauerkraut on the bottom of the pot. Add cabbage rolls. Place the rest of the sauerkraut on top. Add water to cover the cabbage rolls well. Tie fresh dill and place in boiling water (optional). Cabbage rolls also freeze well for up to three months.


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