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Mamaliga cu Branza (Cornmeal Mush with Cheese and Bacon)

Mamaliga cu Branza the way we made it in Romania. Easy to make and nice to serve to the family or friends.

8 people
1 hour 15 minutes


Step 1. Add water and salt to a pan. Before it starts boiling, on medium heat, whisk in the cornmeal flour in. Keep whisking until all the cornmeal has been added and there are no lumps. Cover and let it continue to boil on medium low heat for another seven minutes until fully cooked.

Step 2. Cut the bacon in small pieces. Fry it, saving the fat. When cooked, remove bacon to a dish; pour the fat in another dish.

Step 3. Crumble feta cheese. If feta cheese is too strong, use in combination with farmer's cheese. If using the farmer's cheese, grate it and set aside.

Step 4. Layer the ingredients starting with the cornmeal mush, adding bacon grease, bacon and cheese. Be generous with the grease; if not it might be too dry to enjoy. Repeat the process. Serve warm. In Romania, this dish was traditionally made for breakfast.

*Note: Cornmeal mush uses the cornmeal flour which is finer that the coarse cornmeal used for polenta. It also cooks faster.


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