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Mititei (Mici)—Small BBQ Sausages for a Crowd

We love to make these ahead and then pull them out of the freezer in the summer time. Ten minutes on the grill and we have a quick meal!

Main Dishes
200 people
45 min


Step 1. Place the meat in large mixing bowl and mix together.

Step 2. Add all the seasonings.

Step 3. Add the beef broth and mix the meat with it. Use less or more broth as needed so the meat mixture is not sticky. For best results, use your hands (wear gloves, if needed) and combine the meat and seasonings thoroughly.

Step 5. Using small amounts of meat mixture, shape meat in a cylindrical shape about 3 inches long.

Step 6: Grill mici on the BBQ or fry in frying pan with a tablespoon of oil. Serve with mustard. Pack extra mici in Ziploc bags and freeze; making sure to use them within six weeks.

Note: Recipe makes approximately 200 mici.


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Viorica Marincus
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