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Urechiuse (Elephant's Ears)

A batch of elephant's ears makes enough when the children ask for more. A tasty, filling, and easy to make snack.

12 people
45 minutes


Step 1. Add flour, sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, and oil to mixing bowl. (For best results, we recommend Montana flour.) Warm up milk and begin mixing the ingredients together adding milk as needed.

Step 2. Knead dough until it forms into a ball. Place on floured surface and let dough rest for fifteen minutes.

Step 3. Roll out in a rectangular shape approximately 1/4" thick. Cut strips three inches wide on the length of the rectangle. Cut each strip in small rectangles on an angle and make a cut in the middle. Take one corner of the rectangle and pull it through the center cut. (See video.)

Step 4. Heat up oil and fry each "ear" on both sides until lightly brown. One batch will make approximately 30 elephant's ears.


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Viorica Marincus
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